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Set the Stage


Get Ready…

You’ve been preparing quite some time for this ready to hit the stage feel the heartbeat and the sway of the audience.

Arms are heavy there’s vomit on his sweater already mom’s spaghetti he’s nervous but on the surface he looks calm and ready.

The movie that’s playing back and forth in his mind in are the flashbacks of all of the experiences from his preparation process. There are challenges in everything but the main challenge is Bridging the gap between the what needs to be said and what comes to the forefront of the mind.

Looking into the sea of souls And feeling such a profound Sense of honor and humility along with duty and obligation. To have this treasure of the opportunity to be a part of these individuals lives. To have your life not under a bushel where it is hidden but like a city on a hill for all to see and to illuminate the areas of seen and unseen darkness.

All of the childhood questions that arose that he didn’t understand at the time Of why he had to live a different lifestyle than the kids in the neighborhood of why he had to sacrifice.

But then in that very moment as he steps into the staged everything makes sense, And he looks down at the masses of individuals not just from the physical view point but he’s able to see something that’s waging internally even deeper.

There is a war going on in the world over people’s minds Because the evil powers that be that are in control understand that Mental incarceration preceeds every type Of the physical and literal incarceration that we see is rampant in society today.

Such is the case and we look at Joshua as he and the tribes of Israel were Waging war in Canaan against five bad kings.

And through the course of the battle Joshua can see that the Sun is on his way down there for allowing the enemy to potentially get away, But yet Joshua will not accept defeat so he prays and commands the Sun to stand still.

And the same God who just sent down large hail stones to aid his people, allowed the Sun to stay stationary in order for Joshua and his fighting men to secure the necessary victory in order for God to continue unfolding his plan of orchestration for humanity.

Did he truly have the courage to follow the voice Of truth inside of him trusting that it is leading and guiding him to a place where higher music can pour through him to inspire others to dance to the beat of their own goodness?

Did he accept the complexity of his destiny which meant accepting the difficult side of his purpose, Allowing the challenges that are part of the road teach endurance and strengthen even your in the midst of the mind of trouble that tempts you to act on current emotions and feelings that tell you to cave into the complexities where you would need real life equivalent of a towing to come and pull you out of your funk.

Now as I withdraw

my attention from the third person perspective in divert it unto you the reader, Maybe you’re a fan of a specific performer or musician or someone who just knows how to own the stage, And you’ve been impressed by their energy their story there showmanship everything that they leave on the platform.

Maybe it was a song go out of line or a lyric or face other that just spoke to everything that you felt in life at some moment of time or the other.

Maybe they understood the transfer of energy and the cultivation of an emotional bond that can happen between performer and audience.

Understanding the theory that energy is never created nor destroyed just transferred circulating from one point to the next point

Let’s keep that energy flowing.

Break The Rules



Freedom that one word is so richly profound that I feel like it deserves a monuments of the sacrifice of other words To make even a fraction of it even attempt to dedicate how richly and deeply resonating this one word is. Living in a culture and in a society where there are so many loopholes and opportunities to find yourself mentally, socially, or otherwise incarcerated, Sometimes we lose awareness of that which we are in that which we were born into this world into understanding that anything is possible if you believe.

Have you ever seen a young child or infant right on the cusp of becoming aware of the world around them in learning more about it, We as parents in adults marvel at there at their appreciation for even the small details because it’s all fresh and new and exciting to them, And until the children learn from us parents and adults example and teaching of discipline, the child knows no boundaries or restrictions.

You can’t tell a young child that they can’t be an astronaut or physicist or athlete or a singer they haven’t learned the reasons why they couldn’t yet, That’s why when the scripture in Matthew says when Jesus was talking to the multitude and disciples He told them that unless you become like a little child You will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.

Now I’ve tasted and seen the sweetest of Love where my heart becomes free in my shame is undone.

Walking this day to day life with a presence ever present in my step by step walk through the glory of a perfecting quickening spirit as my heart longs for a saturation of love to flood every fiber of my being deeper into the vortex of abundance, authority, gratitude, and generosity.

Let them wish bigger!

Express it through music Soul’Jah^

So set a fire down in my soul that I can’t contain that I cant control, I want more of you God so much more that I seek you first.

Pour it out like a waterfall overflooding beach cliffs and shaking down onto the islands in the open waters, It will take a whole fleet of boats and yachts and other forms of cruisers in jet mobile’s to get to this place.

This is what it sounds like when you play it by a different set of rules when you understand the concept of sovereignity who is your sovereign?

Who is the authority under the structure of the order that you follow and How is your growth and progress being supported an elevated monitored and nurtured?

Where are you learning the rules is from or where you are you being encouraged to find out that you can create your own rules when you apply principles of sufficiency grounded to not only survive but thrive from a harmonious relationship with the source of all existence, creation, and supply of all beneficial and necessary elements for purpose in our existence.


The Wheels Of Warfare



It brings me great pleasure…

To introduce to you one of my favorite vehicles of the upper luxury class. Made in limited quantities by an overseas manufacturer I went to present to you the knight XV Made by conquest vehicles Inc. If I try to discern what makes me even want to share this post about this topic about this vehicle of my opportunistic imagination, It’s the fact that the things that you really love or that you care about or that make an impression about you you want to share them you want to speak about them.

What is so special about this manufacturing vehicle military grade tank you might ask? It’s not necessarily just the style in the appearance and the fashion side of this beauty but is also the practicality of its specifications. Prior to seeing this vehicle many might assume that it is the Hummer that leaves this type of militant impression.

Which is true to a degree the hummer is very combat-ready And is a vehicle that is widely used and more Reachable price wise for many, However it is a military grade vehicle that is integrated into civilian living in operations specifically for that purpose, Despite the fact that they do have versions that are specifically used in combat.

Know whether or not you’ve heard about the Knight XV previously or not, You can see maybe by the picture that it dwarves the Hummer in size by about a ratio of something to 3.1

That’s way huge but it actually has a practical use now despite the fact that yes it does consume much gas, Its protection and its security that it offers in all of its design and structural specifications, Can offer an unparalleled ability to create a mobile safe haven inside of a shaking world.

Whether we’re talking about the ballistic bullet proof glass or the bullet proof wheels or even the undercarriage that can survive a grenade explosion, This bad boy is something that is not made to be taken out of the game easily.

Not as you read this and learn about this vehicle naturally the question arises up, What kind of individuals would this kind of vehicle be made for who would ride this thing?

The answer would be politicians, dignitaries, economic leaders, world leaders, Rebels, activist, revolutionaries, millionaires and billionaires with their specific peculiarities and tasteful preferences of style.

Or basically anyone with a garage big enough to store this masterpiece and knowing that you would need a special garage That can open up the eight plus feet that this vehicle stands height wise maybe needing a good garage door repair service that can modify the garage to fit this warfare on wheels.

See when I look at those movies that depict the end of times in the Revolutionary Warfare times and times the world is in chaos like it is threatening to continue down that path, I think of the practicality of having the type of surveillance and lugging technology that can secure and insulated the inhabitants of the tank and comfortably saturate then from whatever conflict or craziness that is erupting like a volcano around them as they can relax and be clear minded and diligent as they move to navigate onto safer environments and territories away from the threats of the very real dangers that are happening in this twisted world.

What comes up as a worthy part of this conversation is the topic of insurance that I say this with a hint of humour poked at these insurance companies who are charging through the roof to cover basic legal liable insurance for something like a Geo Prism,, ha ha

How much more can we safely assume that if you are going to have this vehicle in your possession best believe you need the resources to maintain it And it to keep it legally roadworthy due to the fact of how much it stands out making it possible target for cops Who want to take on a challenge in through their day that they have never seen before which would be the case if they were to mess with me in one.

Basically this vehicle is super dope it is one of the things that I wanted to share with you

In my posts

The New Chapter


Okay it’s time to make this thing real.

When it comes down to it what we have by faith is all we have. This is a step up a from everything previously and past.

What’s going on with this that and the other is not necessarily my concern but what is in front of me now.

The purpose of a unified movement with resources to be able to share gifts but also to be a gift.

Silence is the enemy sound is our weapon.

Harnessing the power that comes from complete knowledge of our greater purpose in the scheme of things.

Making solid moves because inaction is the enemy of progress And moving with solid decisions because indecision is the enemy of leadership.

Wise words from wise men that I listen and learn from Paying no heed and no mind to the doubts that concern you late in hinder and stifle creativity.

Now to intensify my mental energies into intentions that will birth a work that will represent a step back into a wide and conscious viewpoint of future movements and how it can reflect as the necessary tools continue to materialize that open doors for the manifestation of the dreams of the liberation of minds to become self sufficient and equipped for this evolving world as a true representative of this information age.

Always adding never subtracting…

I’ve learned to be careful whose expectations to live up to.. To never lose my sense of self just do do what they want me to do.

—- omit—- on your potential —- here —

Gotta be careful when they’re placing expectations, is there intention to see you tap into your greatness? Revelations of the reason of my creation leaves me with some definition that’s not for negotiation. Ah ah And thats solid ground Where I set my feet down the future’s looking up gotta hold my fam down. If they love me then I love em, if they hate me that don’t faze me the power they don’t have drives em crazy. Let em say what they say and feel what they feel but it’s how you respond that determines what’s really real, I’m too focused on my own blessings, my own path and my own pressing, with power players and we ain’t stressing, about our egos and self obsession and that’s a lesson that pays like college, my life paid dues for tuition for this, knowledge and its time for graduation celebrations cuz division is a problem today we solve like an equation the same four pillars that formulated the foundation will provide the strength that’s needed to sustain the elevation so appreciate your differences and settle all your differences throw your nets into the sea but it’s the bond that brings the fishes in and just to clear the fishes is the cash flow we gotta get it right before we sabotage a break through.

to be pressed about a path that I’m not stressing

for me to set my feet down




Oh its been building up higher and higher and deeper in longer stretching farther.

That feeling when those around me feel like they have the need to break your wall of resilienceOf course we could wish for easiness in the road to be easy in the road to be smooth with these things come up for those who pursue destiny.

But then you remember that part of you this one time like a hurricane or Orangatang.

The same cycles of arguments over and over from years.

Do I even dare to allow others a definition of me to hold me back and restrict me to mediocrity?

Even Joseph the son of David was remote and ridiculed by his brothers when he told them his dreams that intimidated them.

How dare you to believe that you’re so high and mighty or whatever we think that you are because we are insecure and not confident in who we are.

And so his own brothers hated him even more and more and more.

Joseph’s own flesh and blood brothers hated him enough that they parted to actually end his life.

Yet by the grace of God instead of killing him they threw him into a pit and sold him into slavery to the gypsies.

Towed him away in the slave pickup caravan like a modern day towing company

See what the brothers failed to realize that even in the midst of their hate even in the midst of their despise For their younger brother God had a plan to take what was used for evil and conflict and confusion and use it for good.

Sure you say that’s one thing to compare yourself to this story that reflects the origins of the children of Israel, But how does that help me in my life when I have people around backbiting me and big snakes in the grass and Not relating to me based off of who I really am.

Well gratefully the story of Joseph which is our point of reference for this scenario does not end there.

See it was the favor on Joseph life thats that intimidated his brothers.

When all of the brothers received gifts in the form of coats Joseph was the only one to get one with all of the colors of the rainbow.

And for them this added a few more fuel to the fire.

However this is all preparation for Joseph destiny into greatness as he traveled through slavery into Egypt Where he grew closer in his walk with the Lord even as he faced the oppressive And dominant political system of Pharaoh and the Egyptians.

The adversary attempted to bring Joseph into destruction even by tempting him taunting him to deface his character.

But even when Joseph was in the pits of the jail he was still faithful to God and there he was able to be put in position to interpret the dreams of those in power.

Such wisdom and understanding was revealed to Joseph that impressed Pharaoh’s able to put him high above the land the second in command.

Joseph and much prosperity and richness in his life as he stepped into the greatness in his destiny over land and with great responsibility.

Years later there’s a famine in the land surrounding Egypt and here comes Brothers the same ones that showed him into destruction.

All this is a perfect picture of the phrase that humanity cannot stop with divinity has commanded.

The same brothers that plotted and planned for Joseph down fall for we’re now at his mercy to be able to get food to sustain their lives.

The moral of the story is you are unstoppable just remember that.

Oh and I’m not stopping either believe that

Love What You Do


What do you love?

I just want to speak from experience and go from a real place on this topic.

I believe true success is getting to the place where you’re able to do what you love to do.

That thing that you would do just for the passion of it but yet found a place where you’re able to get paid for it.

That’s a major blessing and I thank God that that destiny comes from him.

There is a scripture that says a man’s heart devices his way but God directs his steps.

I count that as true in my own personal experience throughout my life.

Not everyone believes that it is possible to make a living doing the very thing that you’re passionate about.

And quite frankly that life is not cut out for everyone.

We live in a society where as  mediocrity and averageness is accepted and congratulated.

But nevertheless something special comes from the work of a man or woman who is fully engaged with what he is doing because of his love for it.

Individuals tend to feed what they love as it is said where your treasure is there your heart is also.

What is Love?

Really ask yourself, what is love?

It is written that love is one of the first fruits of the Spirit of God. Love is a very multi faceted, deep, complex, beautiful subject that always has more to it no matter how much we grow in our understanding of it.

We can look at the example that is well known whether you study the Scriptures or not found in John 3:16 stating that for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that who so ever believes in Him will not perish but live in an everlasting and eternal life.

This is just a sneak peek, tidbit, snippet of the infinite qualities and characteristics of love.

But yet it depicts the whole story of the sacrifice of a father for what he loves.

Quite often we will look on the television and read in the newspaper and watching the movies, and draw a surface level conclusion of what the depth of love is.

We know it is so easy to say the words love and I love you and to give the lip service and just to speak it, But the true manifestation of our understanding of love is to really understand that it must be expressed through our actions.

Beloved let us love one another for love is of God, And everyone that love is born of God and knows God. He that does not love does not know God for God is love.

That new testament scripture in first John Conveys the fact that we are all connected all inherently in God as we dwell in Love.

So to answer the question what is love even as we are tying it into your life’s occupation.

I do not believe that love can just be defined as an emotion or a feeling, it is rooted more deeply internally in the fibers of our substance.

And as we grow in our connection and our awareness of the nature of love, and where love comes from, we can then begin to build on a solid foundation a picture of how to love those around us and the things that we are passionate about in life.

We begin to learn how to apply our mind in a certain way, we begin to learn how to engage our hearts in our work, We prioritize our time around those things and people that we love.

We yearn to have more of what we love in our life and to share the joy that it gives us.

It’s never easy

Getting to the place where you actually are living off of what you love to do. Many sacrifices many difficulties many challenges have to be overcome to be able to live the dream that you imagine and that you have love for.

I’m just grateful that I’m grown in my understanding of what love is because of who loved me first.

And even as he has looked at my life through the eyes of eternity so may I also reflect that towards others through whatever gift, whatever skill, whatever talent, whatever profession that I have that I love to do.

Maybe you can relate?