Break The Rules



Freedom that one word is so richly profound that I feel like it deserves a monuments of the sacrifice of other words To make even a fraction of it even attempt to dedicate how richly and deeply resonating this one word is. Living in a culture and in a society where there are so many loopholes and opportunities to find yourself mentally, socially, or otherwise incarcerated, Sometimes we lose awareness of that which we are in that which we were born into this world into understanding that anything is possible if you believe.

Have you ever seen a young child or infant right on the cusp of becoming aware of the world around them in learning more about it, We as parents in adults marvel at there at their appreciation for even the small details because it’s all fresh and new and exciting to them, And until the children learn from us parents and adults example and teaching of discipline, the child knows no boundaries or restrictions.

You can’t tell a young child that they can’t be an astronaut or physicist or athlete or a singer they haven’t learned the reasons why they couldn’t yet, That’s why when the scripture in Matthew says when Jesus was talking to the multitude and disciples He told them that unless you become like a little child You will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.

Now I’ve tasted and seen the sweetest of Love where my heart becomes free in my shame is undone.

Walking this day to day life with a presence ever present in my step by step walk through the glory of a perfecting quickening spirit as my heart longs for a saturation of love to flood every fiber of my being deeper into the vortex of abundance, authority, gratitude, and generosity.

Let them wish bigger!

Express it through music Soul’Jah^

So set a fire down in my soul that I can’t contain that I cant control, I want more of you God so much more that I seek you first.

Pour it out like a waterfall overflooding beach cliffs and shaking down onto the islands in the open waters, It will take a whole fleet of boats and yachts and other forms of cruisers in jet mobile’s to get to this place.

This is what it sounds like when you play it by a different set of rules when you understand the concept of sovereignity who is your sovereign?

Who is the authority under the structure of the order that you follow and How is your growth and progress being supported an elevated monitored and nurtured?

Where are you learning the rules is from or where you are you being encouraged to find out that you can create your own rules when you apply principles of sufficiency grounded to not only survive but thrive from a harmonious relationship with the source of all existence, creation, and supply of all beneficial and necessary elements for purpose in our existence.


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