Meet Edison Mays

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Hello fellow blogging and interesting topic enthusiast welcome to my blog my name is Edison Mays.

There’s a great big world of internet and many stops where you can stop and read interesting topics and different things that add value either entertainment wise or educationally, so I want to express my appreciation for you coming over to my platform where I express myself in bringing you guys into my world

What is love what is pain what are the cries of the hurt what is the joy of the fulfilled What is the destiny of the servants what is the love of the bond what is the harmony of the Union What is the truth for the seeker what is the History of a people.

What is growth what is complacency you what is success what is wisdom what is knowledge what is understanding what is faith what is hope.

What is love? I believe all of these topics are worthy of our mental attention for our contemplation…

This is in time travel necessarily but it is a journey where you will travel and you will go through time, space, matter, ideas, thoughts, revelations, new insight, And new explorations as you come along with me and buckle up for the ride.

Back it up!