Set the Stage


Get Ready…

You’ve been preparing quite some time for this ready to hit the stage feel the heartbeat and the sway of the audience.

Arms are heavy there’s vomit on his sweater already mom’s spaghetti he’s nervous but on the surface he looks calm and ready.

The movie that’s playing back and forth in his mind in are the flashbacks of all of the experiences from his preparation process. There are challenges in everything but the main challenge is Bridging the gap between the what needs to be said and what comes to the forefront of the mind.

Looking into the sea of souls And feeling such a profound Sense of honor and humility along with duty and obligation. To have this treasure of the opportunity to be a part of these individuals lives. To have your life not under a bushel where it is hidden but like a city on a hill for all to see and to illuminate the areas of seen and unseen darkness.

All of the childhood questions that arose that he didn’t understand at the time Of why he had to live a different lifestyle than the kids in the neighborhood of why he had to sacrifice.

But then in that very moment as he steps into the staged everything makes sense, And he looks down at the masses of individuals not just from the physical view point but he’s able to see something that’s waging internally even deeper.

There is a war going on in the world over people’s minds Because the evil powers that be that are in control understand that Mental incarceration preceeds every type Of the physical and literal incarceration that we see is rampant in society today.

Such is the case and we look at Joshua as he and the tribes of Israel were Waging war in Canaan against five bad kings.

And through the course of the battle Joshua can see that the Sun is on his way down there for allowing the enemy to potentially get away, But yet Joshua will not accept defeat so he prays and commands the Sun to stand still.

And the same God who just sent down large hail stones to aid his people, allowed the Sun to stay stationary in order for Joshua and his fighting men to secure the necessary victory in order for God to continue unfolding his plan of orchestration for humanity.

Did he truly have the courage to follow the voice Of truth inside of him trusting that it is leading and guiding him to a place where higher music can pour through him to inspire others to dance to the beat of their own goodness?

Did he accept the complexity of his destiny which meant accepting the difficult side of his purpose, Allowing the challenges that are part of the road teach endurance and strengthen even your in the midst of the mind of trouble that tempts you to act on current emotions and feelings that tell you to cave into the complexities where you would need real life equivalent of a towing to come and pull you out of your funk.

Now as I withdraw

my attention from the third person perspective in divert it unto you the reader, Maybe you’re a fan of a specific performer or musician or someone who just knows how to own the stage, And you’ve been impressed by their energy their story there showmanship everything that they leave on the platform.

Maybe it was a song go out of line or a lyric or face other that just spoke to everything that you felt in life at some moment of time or the other.

Maybe they understood the transfer of energy and the cultivation of an emotional bond that can happen between performer and audience.

Understanding the theory that energy is never created nor destroyed just transferred circulating from one point to the next point

Let’s keep that energy flowing.

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