The New Chapter


Okay it’s time to make this thing real.

When it comes down to it what we have by faith is all we have. This is a step up a from everything previously and past.

What’s going on with this that and the other is not necessarily my concern but what is in front of me now.

The purpose of a unified movement with resources to be able to share gifts but also to be a gift.

Silence is the enemy sound is our weapon.

Harnessing the power that comes from complete knowledge of our greater purpose in the scheme of things.

Making solid moves because inaction is the enemy of progress And moving with solid decisions because indecision is the enemy of leadership.

Wise words from wise men that I listen and learn from Paying no heed and no mind to the doubts that concern you late in hinder and stifle creativity.

Now to intensify my mental energies into intentions that will birth a work that will represent a step back into a wide and conscious viewpoint of future movements and how it can reflect as the necessary tools continue to materialize that open doors for the manifestation of the dreams of the liberation of minds to become self sufficient and equipped for this evolving world as a true representative of this information age.

Always adding never subtracting…

I’ve learned to be careful whose expectations to live up to.. To never lose my sense of self just do do what they want me to do.

—- omit—- on your potential —- here —

Gotta be careful when they’re placing expectations, is there intention to see you tap into your greatness? Revelations of the reason of my creation leaves me with some definition that’s not for negotiation. Ah ah And thats solid ground Where I set my feet down the future’s looking up gotta hold my fam down. If they love me then I love em, if they hate me that don’t faze me the power they don’t have drives em crazy. Let em say what they say and feel what they feel but it’s how you respond that determines what’s really real, I’m too focused on my own blessings, my own path and my own pressing, with power players and we ain’t stressing, about our egos and self obsession and that’s a lesson that pays like college, my life paid dues for tuition for this, knowledge and its time for graduation celebrations cuz division is a problem today we solve like an equation the same four pillars that formulated the foundation will provide the strength that’s needed to sustain the elevation so appreciate your differences and settle all your differences throw your nets into the sea but it’s the bond that brings the fishes in and just to clear the fishes is the cash flow we gotta get it right before we sabotage a break through.

to be pressed about a path that I’m not stressing

for me to set my feet down


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