The Wheels Of Warfare



It brings me great pleasure…

To introduce to you one of my favorite vehicles of the upper luxury class. Made in limited quantities by an overseas manufacturer I went to present to you the knight XV Made by conquest vehicles Inc. If I try to discern what makes me even want to share this post about this topic about this vehicle of my opportunistic imagination, It’s the fact that the things that you really love or that you care about or that make an impression about you you want to share them you want to speak about them.

What is so special about this manufacturing vehicle military grade tank you might ask? It’s not necessarily just the style in the appearance and the fashion side of this beauty but is also the practicality of its specifications. Prior to seeing this vehicle many might assume that it is the Hummer that leaves this type of militant impression.

Which is true to a degree the hummer is very combat-ready And is a vehicle that is widely used and more Reachable price wise for many, However it is a military grade vehicle that is integrated into civilian living in operations specifically for that purpose, Despite the fact that they do have versions that are specifically used in combat.

Know whether or not you’ve heard about the Knight XV previously or not, You can see maybe by the picture that it dwarves the Hummer in size by about a ratio of something to 3.1

That’s way huge but it actually has a practical use now despite the fact that yes it does consume much gas, Its protection and its security that it offers in all of its design and structural specifications, Can offer an unparalleled ability to create a mobile safe haven inside of a shaking world.

Whether we’re talking about the ballistic bullet proof glass or the bullet proof wheels or even the undercarriage that can survive a grenade explosion, This bad boy is something that is not made to be taken out of the game easily.

Not as you read this and learn about this vehicle naturally the question arises up, What kind of individuals would this kind of vehicle be made for who would ride this thing?

The answer would be politicians, dignitaries, economic leaders, world leaders, Rebels, activist, revolutionaries, millionaires and billionaires with their specific peculiarities and tasteful preferences of style.

Or basically anyone with a garage big enough to store this masterpiece and knowing that you would need a special garage That can open up the eight plus feet that this vehicle stands height wise maybe needing a good garage door repair service that can modify the garage to fit this warfare on wheels.

See when I look at those movies that depict the end of times in the Revolutionary Warfare times and times the world is in chaos like it is threatening to continue down that path, I think of the practicality of having the type of surveillance and lugging technology that can secure and insulated the inhabitants of the tank and comfortably saturate then from whatever conflict or craziness that is erupting like a volcano around them as they can relax and be clear minded and diligent as they move to navigate onto safer environments and territories away from the threats of the very real dangers that are happening in this twisted world.

What comes up as a worthy part of this conversation is the topic of insurance that I say this with a hint of humour poked at these insurance companies who are charging through the roof to cover basic legal liable insurance for something like a Geo Prism,, ha ha

How much more can we safely assume that if you are going to have this vehicle in your possession best believe you need the resources to maintain it And it to keep it legally roadworthy due to the fact of how much it stands out making it possible target for cops Who want to take on a challenge in through their day that they have never seen before which would be the case if they were to mess with me in one.

Basically this vehicle is super dope it is one of the things that I wanted to share with you

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