Oh its been building up higher and higher and deeper in longer stretching farther.

That feeling when those around me feel like they have the need to break your wall of resilienceOf course we could wish for easiness in the road to be easy in the road to be smooth with these things come up for those who pursue destiny.

But then you remember that part of you this one time like a hurricane or Orangatang.

The same cycles of arguments over and over from years.

Do I even dare to allow others a definition of me to hold me back and restrict me to mediocrity?

Even Joseph the son of David was remote and ridiculed by his brothers when he told them his dreams that intimidated them.

How dare you to believe that you’re so high and mighty or whatever we think that you are because we are insecure and not confident in who we are.

And so his own brothers hated him even more and more and more.

Joseph’s own flesh and blood brothers hated him enough that they parted to actually end his life.

Yet by the grace of God instead of killing him they threw him into a pit and sold him into slavery to the gypsies.

Towed him away in the slave pickup caravan like a modern day towing company

See what the brothers failed to realize that even in the midst of their hate even in the midst of their despise For their younger brother God had a plan to take what was used for evil and conflict and confusion and use it for good.

Sure you say that’s one thing to compare yourself to this story that reflects the origins of the children of Israel, But how does that help me in my life when I have people around backbiting me and big snakes in the grass and Not relating to me based off of who I really am.

Well gratefully the story of Joseph which is our point of reference for this scenario does not end there.

See it was the favor on Joseph life thats that intimidated his brothers.

When all of the brothers received gifts in the form of coats Joseph was the only one to get one with all of the colors of the rainbow.

And for them this added a few more fuel to the fire.

However this is all preparation for Joseph destiny into greatness as he traveled through slavery into Egypt Where he grew closer in his walk with the Lord even as he faced the oppressive And dominant political system of Pharaoh and the Egyptians.

The adversary attempted to bring Joseph into destruction even by tempting him taunting him to deface his character.

But even when Joseph was in the pits of the jail he was still faithful to God and there he was able to be put in position to interpret the dreams of those in power.

Such wisdom and understanding was revealed to Joseph that impressed Pharaoh’s able to put him high above the land the second in command.

Joseph and much prosperity and richness in his life as he stepped into the greatness in his destiny over land and with great responsibility.

Years later there’s a famine in the land surrounding Egypt and here comes Brothers the same ones that showed him into destruction.

All this is a perfect picture of the phrase that humanity cannot stop with divinity has commanded.

The same brothers that plotted and planned for Joseph down fall for we’re now at his mercy to be able to get food to sustain their lives.

The moral of the story is you are unstoppable just remember that.

Oh and I’m not stopping either believe that

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